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5 killed as bus rams into truck on pune

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hermes replica blanket Justice Ameenud Din Khan of the Lahore high court issued the directive after hearing the petition filed by Saeed lawyer AK Dogar. The judge directed the federal and Punjab governments to respond to the petition by April 23, the date of the next hearing.Saeed contended in his petition that the government was interfering in the Jamaat ud Dawah welfare projects because it had given in to pressure from India and the United States. The petition argued that barring an organisation from indulging in charity work goes against the Constitution.JuD has always participated in and contributed to social welfare activities, the petition claimed.The court order came just three days after the US declared the Milli Muslim League (MML), the political party formed by Hermes Kelly Replica Saeed, as a Foreign Terrorist Organisation hermes replica blanket.

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