There a strong argument to be made that Liam Neeson would have

Some of this comes from the writing as well, but look at the characterisations of the different Jedi: Qui Gon Jinn is a jovial and fatherly man, in touch with his emotions, but ultimately a renegade, morally grey Jedi, driven by humanism and empathy but often going on dangerous or unsanctioned missions and speaking angrily against the Jedi Council. There a strong argument to be made that Liam Neeson would have been a better Mace Windu, and Samuel L. The hero, his love interest, his annoying kid, the villain.

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The film is being shot simultaneously in Tamil and Hindi respectively. Academy award winning music maestro AR Rahman has composed music for the film. Reportedly, ‚2.0‘ happens to be the most expensive Indian film being made to date. You should find the theaters that inspire you and make you happy, and spend time with them. The Flea is one of those places for me. I walked out into the cold night fortified with three and a half hours of a great show, a few drinks, and some delicious hors d’oeuvres.

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