The flag, Abdul Rauf said then, was „a symbol of tyranny, of

Osbuddy can only update with data from people on the osbuddy client. On a low volume item like tbow there a good chance osbuddy is working on at most a few data points a day. There simply isn enough data to get accurate data on the order of 5 10 minutes.

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Now, there was no condoning what Paul did, but he was hung, drawn and quartered that evening without anyone showing the remotest interest in exploring what it was that made him so mad. I turned the TV off, couldn’t watch it. If I’d left it on, chances were I’d have ended up flinging something through it..

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I am not sure if Budweiser still has these Bashes anymore, but nothing beats a cold one on the beach in South Carolina in the summertime. Shagging, swimming, cooking out and cruising the strip at night was a time to enjoy back then. Lots of volleyball and horse play were in high fashion.

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